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AIRMAIL: paintings by Giorgio Ramella

on 08 November 2013

Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni-Trento

Exhibition of paintings by the artist Giorgio Ramella.

A view for the twentieth anniversary of the Caproni Museum

From October 4, 2012 to March 3, 2013
Opening: Wednesday, October 3, at 18.30

Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni
Trento-Via Lidorno 3

Twenty years have passed since the October 3, 1992-the Gianni Caproni Air Museum opened its doors in its current home, a rolling pin, to collect and display the collection of World Relief airplanes and historical memorabilia collected by Caproni family over the years. To celebrate this important anniversary the Museum offers "AirMail" an exhibition of paintings by the artist Giorgio Ramella.
The exhibition is not only an exhibition of paintings on the theme of flight to distant lands: Giorgio Ramella's paintings on display at the Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni – in direct dialogue with the historic aircraft collection – are an opportunity for reflection on the part of the visitor, not only on the author's pictorial poetry, but also on side issues to which his works are based: airmail, the aeronautical collection, the historical implications of overflights of those distant lands, in once far today.

And for those who prefer to enjoy the artistic charm alone, the exhibition offers the opportunity to look at pieces of the aeronautical collection with different eyes. Glimpses of the Caproni aircraft collection, have been interpreted in artistic and reported on key cards that the visitor is invited to take to write a message to transmit to other visitors.


Similarly, before leaving the exhibition, visitors can pick up from a postal bag, inspired by those originally used to transport airmail, a postcard sent to him by those before him visited the exhibition. Postcards represent artistic views of aircraft and Museum exhibition details, distinctive viewpoints that audiences can spontaneously make its decline and according to the taste and the thoughts.
In the same spaces, the visitor can use Flight Simulator stations present in the Museum, which for the occasion will be used to simulate the piloting of some historical aircraft.