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RE2000 June 8, 2013, the RETURN of the FALCON

on 08 November 2013

Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni-Trento

Donation ceremony and activities for the public

Saturday, June 8, at 10.30, Henry Baird – modelling enthusiast of Padua-will donate to the Museum dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni a scale model aircraft 1: 4 Reggiane Re 2000., nicknamed "Hawk". For the occasion, the Museum organizes a series of aviation themed activities aimed at children and adults and – thanks to the collaboration with LagorAir – offers the possibility of helicopter sightseeing flights.

Followed by a lecture on Re. 2000, aircraft designed since 1938 workshops "Reggio" (Officine Meccaniche Italiane in Reggio Emilia), all-metal construction, among the first Italian fighter that served as an interceptor in the run-up to the second world war.
In particular, it will explore the characteristics of Re. 2000, with reference to the specimen on loan to the Museo dell'aeronautica Gianni Caproni by Aeronautica Militare, belonging to missions for the Royal Navy. Also will be screened some footage of historians. 2000.

The event will be titled "Piazzetta Reggiane" part of the Museum's exhibition hall, which houses the King model. 2000. In Piazzetta Reggiane will also exposed the tail section of the 2005 King's scale model 1:20 of the King. 8000 donated to the Museum by AUSER of Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), S.M. 79 built in 1942 by the Officine Reggiane and is since 1993 on display at the Museum, the radial engine Macchi MC 200 built under licence by the Officine Reggiane and the dynamic model of Re. 2005 built by engineer Angelo Longhi, grandson of Roberto Longhi, famous designer of aircraft such as the King and King 2005 property. 2000.

During the day you can also enjoy scenic helicopter flights on Trento to a particularly advantageous price, thanks to the collaboration with LagorAir (for information and reservations call 0461 944888).

For the occasion, the Museum also proposes activities for the public, with the following program:

- hours 11.30-12.15: chasing "Falco", "Sagittarius" and "Sparviero"!(activities for children from 5 years)
A curious and fun journey for young and old, looking for the Museum's aircraft, with particular attention to Reggiane aircraft present in the room.
- hours 11.30-12.15 12.15 – 13.00 and: guided visit to the aeronautical collection
A guided tour to discover the fascinating stories of whose airplanes exposed were the protagonists. The aeronautical collection of the Museum – formed as early as 1927 – is the oldest in the world and contains exceptional airplanes historical and cultural interest of the pioneering period (1911-1914), the years of the great war (1915-1918), of twenty years between the two world wars (1919-1939), World War II (1940-1945) and the immediate post-war period.
- 12.15 – 13.00 hours: who's afraid of sorci verdi? (activities for children from 6 years)
Lab activity of bizarre symbols painted on the Museum's aircraft, and then create the coat of arms for its own imaginary airplane.

(for information about tasks and for reservations phone number 0461 944888).